Privacy Policy

Executive Summary 

Respecting personal privacy, safeguarding confidential information and ensuring security are critical to Island Employment Association (IEA). To this end IEA has in place an active privacy program to: 

  • Ensure that IEA’s privacy principles, policies, procedures and practices are current and in harmony with existing legislation and public opinion. 
  • Monitor developments in privacy legislation and privacy enhancing technologies. 
  • Enhance IEA’s data protection tools and activities. 
  • Foster transparency and increase awareness of IEA’s privacy principles, policies and procedures.  
  • Support staff, board members and volunteers in applying IEA’s privacy principles, policies and procedures. 
  • Support controlled access to and responsible use of personal information under IEA’s management. 

A key component of IEA’s privacy program is its statement of privacy principles and policies. The principles and policies guide IEA’s operations and inform others of IEA’s practices. IEA has self-regulated on the basis of its stated policies since its inception and, in concert with current privacy legislation, it continues to do so.  



The principles and policies in this document apply to IEA’s data holdings of  

  • Personal information, which includes: 
    • information about receipts of IEA services
    • registration and identifying information about IEA clients  
  • Organizational identifiable information 



The information data holdings are the foundation for analysis and reports that help planners, policy makers, and providers make informed decisions aimed at making current and future programs and services more efficient. IEA reports also help individuals make more informed decisions regarding their individual employment plans. 

Reliable accurate and timely data is critical to providing dependable information to support these activities, to assess the current situation and to evaluate options; to assist policy makers, managers and the public. IEA’s core functions include the gathering extracts of personal information from a variety of sources, such as board members, volunteers, employees, government partners and individual clients. 


IEA’s Privacy Program      

Respecting personal privacy, safeguarding confidential information and ensuring security are critical for carrying out IEA’s mission successfully. 

Key activities of the Privacy Policy include: 

  • monitoring privacy and data protection legislation 
  • monitoring internal privacy and data protection measures 
  • ongoing review of IEA’s privacy and confidentiality principles and policies  
  • reviewing and resolving privacy and confidentiality issues 
  • review of requests for data 

Fostering a culture of privacy at IEA by: 

  • supporting development activities to ensure that privacy and data protection issues are addressed 
  • working with members of the management team and IT staff to enhance IEA’s data protection practice and tools 
  • conducting staff training and communicating with staff on privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures 
  • ensuring staff sign a confidentiality pledge that indicates the consequences of breaches which could result in termination and legal action 


  • developing user-friendly and accessible information about IEA’s privacy program  
  • liaising with privacy experts and officials to increase its expertise in the area of privacy and protection of personal information 
  • act as a contact point for individuals wishing to access their own personal information and for privacy related complaints